Reading registers' values in ARM target of chipWhisperer Lite 32-bit board?

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I have a question related to chipWhisperer Lite board, is it possible to read the values of registers and memory locations of the STM32F3 target, if yes, could you please describe how?

Sure! There are many ways to do that. You could use an external debugger (the JTAG pins are broken out to JP13, next to the “measure” SMA). You could also add extra simpleserial commands to the target firmware, as we do to set and get the debug registers in simpleserial-trace.c.

thanks for your reply. I am using Jupiter notebooks so is it possible to have the access for the registers at Python level? another question, can I connect an ST-link V2 to the 9 pins of JP13?

  1. Yes. If you go through our first few Jupyter notebooks you will learn how you can communicate with the target from Python. If you follow my suggestion, you will add your own custom simpleserial commands which allow communication with the target via UART. Again simpleserial-trace.c provides a worked-out example of this which you can customize to meet whatever particular needs you have.
  2. Not directly, you’ll have to use jumper cables to connect the right pins (and solder a header).


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Thanks a lot, I will try to use simpleserial commands at first.

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is there an easy way to print the contents of the general-purpose registers? for example just before and after a glitch?

That’s certainly doable. You’ll have to modify the target firmware. Again, one way to do this is with new simpleserial commands to retrieve the register values that you’re interested in.

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