Rearmement of the CW1200 capture tool

Hi !

I am using the CW1200 associated with the LNA and H-field probe in order to capture traces of an Artix-7 FPGA and I am facing an issue concerning the “rearmament” of the CW1200.

The CW1200 is triggered on I/O Trigger pin 4 by the FPGA. The Artix-7 performs encryptions every 10 seconds. When an encryption start, the FPGA triggers the 16th pin of the 20-pin target connector and a trace is captured. The problem I have is that for the 2 or 3 first traces, the CW1200 needs 5 or 6 seconds to be armed, but after it’s almost instant. BUT if I reduced the interval between the encryption (let’s say 8 seconds), the CW does not re-arm between two captures (while with 10-second it re-arms instant…).

Do you know what is happening and how could i do in order to capture traces faster than 1 every 10 seconds ?

Thanks in advance