Recommendation for XY Table

Hi All,

I came across this publication by Colin O’Flynn - MIN()imum Failure: EMFI Attacks against USB Stacks.
I would like to try EMFI with the Chipshouter, and I think I will eventually need a XY table rather than my wobbly hand to glitch the target consistently.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a XY table that works with the Chipshouter?


Hi Melvin,

I’ve used a panavise for a lot of my work which is just laziness about mounting it :wink:

We’ve had a long-delayed effort on building a reasonable XYZ table - keep slowing down due to changes in specs/price trade-off. Starting back up a little more with that now…

In the mean-time: the most cost-effective solution is however just a 3D printing. They are very hard to beat due to the mass commercialization of them, you can drive them with G-Code pretty easily.

We had some initial 3D models for the enclosure mounting at This will probably be updated shortly though, as we’re using now a modified version of this that grips from the side.

There were a few others who posted 3D printed mounts on Twitter as well, same idea however.

If you search “xyz gantry” you’ll get a lot of examples - or a “CNC frame” too. If you want pretty much ready to go, you can find “3d printer kits” too - basically don’t mount the print head fully and put the ChipSHOUTER there :wink:

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PS - the only real thing to watch out is what moves on the 3D printer. Often the table moves back and force for example - this isn’t a major problem, as you can still mount stuff to it, and the wires powering your target will flex. But it could cause your target to shift slightly, compared to something where the target is always fixed and the chipshouter is moving in xyz…