Relevance of ChipWhisperer Online Training Post-'Hardware Hacking Handbook' Release?

With the recent launch of ‘The Hardware Hacking Handbook,’ I’m curious to know if the ChipWhisperer online training still holds significant value. Additionally, does the training enable one to effectively utilize and experiment with the ChipWhisperer Husky and EMFI?

The online training has always been really for people who prefer video/audio learning material - even before the launch of that book we were pretty upfront that the online training is heavily based on the free material in the ChipWhisperer-Jupyter repo. The training added some context & a few topics such as measurement tricks etc which weren’t in any of the tutorials.

The online training covers more specific to ChipWhisperer tools. The current version was based on the CW-Lite/CW-Pro, although the ChipWhisperer design is such that it’s still mostly applicable. It’s missing some of the “new features”, but those are also covered in additional ChipWhisperer-Jupyter repo tutorials (which are also posted freely).

The Hardware Hacking Handbook is designed to be fairly chipwhisperer-not-specific, as it’s designed more as a general guide. So in that respect it gets further away from the video training course! But really between the various offerings it’s all about how you learn best - some people would rather have written material & tutorials to work through, in which case the online training is probably not the best way to learn.

But some people prefer having the videos, or sometimes people find having a dedicated video/guide useful to force them to cover specific topics, even if they are going to end up using the written material more than the videos. The last point is also relevant for companies - often within companies people find it easier to have a bit of a structured “course” they can show they are following along with & thus get dedicated time for the course!

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