Repo preference: GITHub vs Assembla

Hi All,

I’ve been considering moving the GIT repo over to github. Is there a preference on which is used by people? It seemed github was more popular, and might make it easier for others to contribute. For now I was mirroring the repo to github as well, but could instead make the githbu page the main source.



My 2 cents.

It seems that at the moment Chip Whisperer “stuff” is spread over a few different sites. Which can make it more confusing and harder to keep track of it all, especially when starting out. I am guessing this is due to the project morphing from hobby to something commercial, and so probably started off on assembla but now also has the newae page.

I know it is yet more work to add to the huge load for one person, but it would be nice to have everything on the one page, or at least accessible/linked from the one portal.

Perhaps as a “not much work” compromise you could just add links to the top of the newae page for “Wiki” and “Sourcecode”. (ie where you currently have “Home”, “Products and Services”, “About Us” etc)

The Wiki link could be to a short page on newae that explains there are two wikis on assembla, one for openadc and one for chipwhisperer. (I had previoiusly found the chip whisperer one, but didn’t realise there was also a separate wiki for openadc). The page could then have links to each wiki or load them into some internal frame “inside” the newae page.

The same could be done for the “sourcecode” link, pointing to the repos for openadc and chipwhisperer and explaining briefly about how to grab their contents and put openadc contents inside the chipwhisperer contents.

Actually thinking some more on this, perhaps this link could be titled “software”. The page would then have links to the most recent software binaries as well as the repos.

As far as which git host to use, I have looked at man projects in github before but never in assembla till now. However it appears you use assembla’s other features such as its wiki. So if you continue to use assembla’s wiki and move to github for the source it could be more fragmentation of chipwhisperer resources. I do think it is best to just have one main official git repo rather than two which just adds confusion.

Thanks for the feedback! There is definitely a few sources of information right now which is a bit of a hassle… my end-goal was to have all polished documentation into the HTML ‘real’ documentation, and in-progress stuff on the wiki.

If I moved to github I’d move the wiki there too - basically just dumping Assembla entirely. I think there will always be a wiki as some stuff doesn’t make sense to put into the HTML code. For the longest time the github wiki support was pretty poor, which is why I started with assembla. But I think things are slowly changing, and I might be able to get away with the wiki on github.

I’m hoping to physically include a quickstart page with that information with shipments at some point shortly - just been too behind on everything else! That info would be basically the stuff you mention - links to where the relevant docs are.