Resetting CW305

I don’t have a background in working with FPGA boards. Previously, when I used the CW305 board, the default setting was that VCC-INT was set to 100 and the JTAG LED light was blinking. However, it’s been a few months since I last used the board, and when I tried to use it again, I noticed that VCC-INT was set to 015, the JTAG LED light was blinking, and LED LE302 is always on, even after turning the power off and on again. I would like to revert to the previous default settings, as this current setting conflicts with the bitstream implementation. I would appreciate your help with this issue.

How are your powering it, and what are the switch positions? Any chance this switch is in the “up” position?

I am powering through USB.
Yes, I had it up position. Even if I change this switch it is not changing anything. Please find the below picture of my CS305 board setting.

Thank you so much for offering to help with this issue.

It’s supposed to be down. What are the LEDs showing when it’s in the correct (down) position?

When it is down, it is still same. LE03 light is on, which I have circled in the previous image.

Ah, you need to set SW5 to the on (left) position!

I tried in the left most position. It is still same. Can I keep it in the middle position?

No. To cut down on the back-and-forth, carefully follow the instructions below.
First, let’s define our switches:

  • switch 1, power supply: next to the USB jack (picture)
  • switch 2, external supply: next to the banana jacks (picture)
  • switch 3, FPGA power (picture)
  1. Orient the board so that the USB and DC jacks are on the left-hand side (like this).
  2. Always keep switch 3 to its left-most position.
  3. Always keep switch 2 to its down position.
  4. Connect a USB cable and put switch 1 in its down position.
    (a) What is the status of all LEDs?
    (b) If the LCD display does not show 1.00, try a different USB cable, then a different USB port, then a different computer.
  5. If (3) doesn’t work, power the board from the 5V DC jack. Set switch 1 to the up position. What is the status of all the LEDs?