rising edge not always detected during A2 tutorial glitch


I have a weird problem with my CW-lite. I did the A2 tutorial just to test the glitch capabilities and I cannot glitch at 100%.
I follow the guidelines and I set the same parameters. When I click capture 1 to see the power trace, I obtain the following response inside the debug logging:
INFO-SimpleSerial:Protocol V1.0 detected
INFO- Detected XMEGA128D4
WARNING -Timeout in OpenADC capture() trigger forced
WARNING -Timeout in OpenADC capture() trigger forced

It seems like the rising edge is not detected by the scope.
It is really curious because sometimes it is detected and I can see the effect of my glitch burst and the debug logging indicates INFO- Capture Completed
the capture fails 90% of attempts.

Another weird experiment is when I load the simpleserial AES project and I program the appropriate hex inside the victim. I can trigger 100% of time and I see nice power traces. So I do not know why my glitch traces are not captured.

If someone could debug me on this glitch synchronization issue, it will be nice!!! thanks a lot
Kind regards


Never surrender :ugeek: , I try again this morning and I see a difference between the simple serial protocol version. I fixed the version 1.1 for the target. Previously it was the 1.0 version…
and it works perfectly now. good to know!

Have a nice day!

Good find! We updated the SimpleSerial protocol to add some new features but some of the tutorials are still behind…