Running Neural Network on STM32


I am trying to implement a simple neural network inference on an STM32F1 or F4 with the CW308 board. Those kind of implementation are quite common using STMCube MX and CubeIDE where the main.c could contains directly the .h inference features and I just have to program a communication python program to use it.
In order to do the same with CW, I use NNoM which is an inference Neural Network library specifically for microcontrollers. So I include NNoM library, the .h inference file in the main.c but I can’t get the network running for now.

I would just wanted to know if you are aware of any neural network implementation using Chipwhisperer that could help me ? Or if you have any advice I’ll take it too.

Thank you in advance for your answer.


I’m not aware of implementations on anything ChipWhisperer related. There might be someone in our Discord Server that knows or could help you.