Running tutorial without gui- cpa AES

Hi Colin,
I’m trying to run the CPA attack to break the AES manually, in
however, I got the error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘chipwhisperer.tests’
I see that I do have ‘tests’ folder under ‘chipwhisperer folder’. The attack with the gui does work.

Do you know how can I fix this error? And is it a correct way to run this attack without gui, or is there anything else I should do to make it work using python only?

The py file I ranis: \chipwhisperer-4.0.2\software\chipwhisperer\tests\, the only edit I made is adding a main function and calling the test this way:

def main():



Hi Yuval,

If you want to run tutorials without the GUI, I’d recommend switching to CW5, since support for the non capture part of ChipWhisperer is pretty limited in CW4 (though in your case, you should be able to follow to run a manual attack on AES in CW4).

Regarding those tests, I believe they were in the process of being updated, but weren’t finished.