SAKURA-G target board

Hi, I would like to use SAKURA-G as the target board. Which ChipWhisperer board should I use as my capture board?
I need to use it for my research.


We don’t really support Sakura target boards – but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to use.
This recent post goes over what you’ll need to do: Connection between Sakura-G and ChipWhisperer Pro possible?

With regards to which ChipWhisperer capture board, that’s not dictated by your Sakura target: none of our capture boards make interfacing to a Sakura target easier or harder (except for the CW-nano or CW-Lite single-board, which will require you to break off the target side). Your choice should depend on which capabilities you want, and for that we have a comparison page here: Overview & Comparison - NewAE Hardware Product Documentation

Thank you for your reply.
Where can I purchase the adapter board for the OpenADC to SAKURA-G connector?

We sell it on
However be aware that this is a legacy product that we no longer support, and will likely require an old release of the ChipWhisperer software.