SAM3U firmware build


I was wondering how to build the SAM3U firmware. I see traces of atmel studio being used but I also
found some makefiles that actually are using a GNU GCC variant. Is it possible to provide some instructions?

For one the download of the Linux toolchain from atmel is failing on me
ATMEL compilers download

I would be interested in getting it to work under Linux if possible.


Initial research shows it should be possible. The SAM3U is “just” a cortex M3 where a bare GCC toolchain can be used. With some scripting I think the we can make the Makefile Linux friendly.

Ah slowly looking at these posts sorry, still way behind as trying to get the API v4 out the door for past few weeks. Quickly though:

We are using Atmel Studio. Internally it just has makefiles and “should” be possible to build with that (I think we switched in fact to only building via Makefiles, but still with the Atmel Studio project). I don’t know specifics of the exact version required of GCC however.


After some hacking in the Makefile I was able to build the firmware under ubuntu using the apt-get installed arm-none-eabi-gcc.