Saved project limited to 10000 points

I set up an attack that captured 100 000 traces (based on Tutorial CW305-1). I can see that I have gone through that many in the progress window. But, when I save the project, the file has only 10 000 points.
Where’s this limit set? How do I change it?

You’ve found a bug! This probably came about in the transition from CW4 to CW5.
I’ve created an issue and we’ll try to get it fixed soon.
In the meantime, you can work around it by add these prior to capturing traces:

project.traces.seg_len = 100000
project.traces.seg_ind_max = project.traces.seg_len-1

You may see performance degradation (slower capture, increased memory requirements) but it should work (I tested with 30000 and it worked).

Incidentally, I remember you were having difficulty with the CW305 tutorial and our example AES FPGA implementation before. Is that still the case? You should not need more than 5k traces.


This fix works. Thanks
RE the issues with the tutorial, unfortunately I was never able to get the attack to be successful with the code in the library. I’m currently re-writing one to perform the attack on 16-byte keys at a time instead of byte-wise attack. I’m also changing the leak model.

This should be fixed on the latest commit on develop.