Scope-Target communication speed


I’m pretty new to micro controller related topics and try to figure out some stuff about the CW1173 ChipWhisperer-Lite using the 32-bit ARM target.

Currently I’m trying to figure out if there is a faster way for the scope/capture to communicate with the target than using SimpleSerial/U(S)ART.
This is important as it is planned to send all masking bits over the interface and speed is mandatory as this might present a bottleneck to the whole loop.

Is using the UART interface the default for sending e.g. masking bits to the target?


It’s what we support.
There is SimpleSerial V2 which is quite a bit faster; most of our example firmware can be built for either version 1 or 2 by setting SS_VER to SS_VER_1_1 or SS_VER_2_1. The protocol documentation is here.

The best way to speed things up is to avoid sending as much as possible – for example, instead of sending each AES plaintext, send only the first plaintext and have the target use the encryption result as the next plaintext. Or simply omit sending back the encryption result.

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Thank you for the quick answer.
I just wanted to make sure that I have not missed something important after studying the whole documentation.

Going to mark this as solved.