Scope timed out in CWNANO

Can i know what does this error mean.

I am trying to send an array of numbers from 0 to 15 and collect power trace for CWNANO can you help me with this. Is my trace code correct or not ?. Thank you.


The timeout just means that the ChipWhisperer never received a trigger signal. In your case, I’m guessing that something might be up with your firmware/serial. Are you running one of the labs, or are you using custom firmware?


Yes I am using custom firmware. I am not sure how to send trigger signal. Below is the .c file. Can you please help me or point to a tutorial which can help me. Thank you.


Hi Sandeep,

Try changing target.simpleserial_write('p', msg) to target.simpleserial_write('a', msg).


Sure I will try that but can I know how that will activate the trigger ?

You’ve set verify() so that it will be called when the target receives an 'a' command that’s 16 ASCII encoded bytes long, which then calls trigger_high(). Originally, you were sending a 'p' command, which is why the target wasn’t calling verify.

Cool i have tried with ‘a’ command in target.simpleserial_write() for any input msg i have passed i am getting the same power trace. Initially there was an erro so i have passed the commands below

scope._cwusb.usbtx.rep = 0x81
scope._cwusb.usbtx.wep = 0x02

and it started collecting traces but its collecting same trace for any msg. Below ia one of the power traces and it is same for any msg.

What could be the issue here ?