Self-programming issue on CW303 XMEGA Target

I am trying to upload a program that uses the XMEGA Self-programming example where some of the functions need to be located in bootloader section to be able to use the SPM instructions.

I defined in a .BOOT section at address 0x20000(should be the bootloader section of the ATXmega128D4-AU on the XMega target) which in the Makefile is defined as:

LDFLAGS += -Wl,–section-start=.BOOT=0x20000

Problem is, I keep getting the errors linked below and I am not sure why.

Here is a copy of the map file generated

Any help is appreciated

The datasheet says that protection level of the boot memory is determined by fuse bits. Have you looked into modifying those?

I completely overlooked that, thanks for bringing that up.
I am going through the chipwhisperer source code and it looks like it includes functionality to overwrite the fuse values but I don’t know where these should be passed to the toolchain.
Any ideas?