[Serial -> Smartcard ] Parity ODD missing ?


I learn and read step by step all tutorial and learn “python” everyday with this amazing piece of fun !

If i understood correctly smartcard driver source “SmartCard.py” is using driver SER “SimpleSerial.py”

As i saw actually we have only 2 parity options ( Even , None ) but ODD is missing.

    def parity(self):
        data = self.oa.sendMessage(self.CODE_READ, self.ADDR_BAUD, maxResp=4)
        if data[1] & (1 << 7):
            return 'e'
            return 'n'

    def setParity(self, par):
        data = self.oa.sendMessage(self.CODE_READ, self.ADDR_BAUD, maxResp=4)
        if par == 'e':
            data[1] = data[1] | (1 << 7)
            data[1] = data[1] & ~(1 << 7)
        self.oa.sendMessage(self.CODE_WRITE, self.ADDR_BAUD, data)

I have not yet checked the FPGA code, does the FPGA firmware must be updated too to support ODD on smartcard exchange ?

Do i need to check only these 2 area ? Smartcard.py & fpga ? or more … i try to spot the real place where to update and try to add “ODD” support.

When i try to send my CMD over my card , i can not get the trace and my card works only in ODD / 2 / Direct convention.


I am still fighting … no one have a little clue when if we send cmd to smartcard in “ODD” parity ?

Forum is quite calme :slight_smile: