Setup error in Windows 7 Installation - PySide.QtGui


I am interested in using Chipwhisperer Analyzer on Widnows 7 (64-bit).
I followed your instructions here:
I choosed WinPython-64bit- from here: … 6.20160828 and I run the WindowsPython installer. After the installation, I opened WinPython Control Panel and I run the folowing commands:

PyQTGraph: pip install pyqtgraph
configObj: pip install configobj

Then from WinPython Control Panel navigated to the folder where I have downloaded the latest version of ChipWhisperer (3.2.0).
I run the commands:

cd c:…\software
python develop

and when the setup was complete I tried to open CWAnalyzer by runing inside the …/software folder:

python CWAnalyzer.pyw

Unofrtunately, I keep getting the following error:
ImportError: No module named PySide.QtGui
I tried the above also with a different verison of python (WinPython-64bit- , but the error remains the same.
What should I do?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi there,

Thanks for the thorough explanation of your setup - it makes it very easy for us to help!

The issue here is that you don’t have the package PySide installed on Python. The main reason for this is because the recent WinPython 2.7.x versions come without any packages - the “Zero” installers are just Python without any extras.

There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Install a version of WinPython that comes with these packages. The latest is, which you can get here.
  2. Install PySide on your current version of Python. I think pip install pyside is all this takes, but you might run into some snags…
    Option 1 is definitely easier.

Hi gdeon and thank you for your response.
I tried the first option (Python but still no PySide. Then with Python still installed, I decided to install Pyside inside my Python folder using ‘pip install pyside’.
It worked like a charm, ChipWhisperer Analyzer opened!
Thank you again for your help!

Kind regards,