Signal Capture only between trigger_high() and trigger_low()

Hi, just got this amazing piece of product couple of days ago, have been playing with it and look at the implementation. My question is, is there a way to capture specifically the power signal within the ‘box’, i.e. between trigger_high() and trigger_low(). Currently it seems like it is only possible to predefine a trace length.

Alternatively, it would be good if the trigger signal can be captured together with the power signal. I know tio4 is used to output the trigger signal, but is there a way, or is it already implemented, to route this trigger signal to the CW board and captured by the chipwhisperer software?



There is a fixed, configurable relationship between the capture and the trigger. but you are correct that you can not really see the state of the GPIO. It would be a very nice addition to also capture the GPIO lines together with the analog traces.

With regards to TIO4. I did not know this was the case, are you sure?