Simple Serial documentation

I’m probably just confused as to where it is, but where can I find the complete documentation of the Simple Serial protocol? I know the API, but it doesn’t show all the possible parameters. For examples, in the “Fault 1_1 Introduction to Clock Glitching”, at the very beginning, there’s this line “target.write(“g\n”)”. Where do I find information about this ‘g’ and other possible inputs?

SimpleSerial isn’t really a super well defined thing as far as parameters go; stuff is generally pretty lab specific. For getting the commands, I’d recommend just checking the associated source code. simpleserial-glitch, for example, has commands for 'g', 'c', 'p', and 'i', which you can see in simpleserial-glitch.c.

Thank you! It helps a lot to read the source code.