Simpleserial-aes for SAM4L


As I’m conducting my experiment on the SAM4L to assess its hardware capabilities, I’ve been switching its mode to check the effect of its countermeasures. However, when I use J-Link Commander to flash the .bin file, it reports “content already matches.” This made me wonder if it rebuilt correctly. I’ve manually deleted the .bin and .elf files, as well as the objdir for the SAM4L, then rebuilt it, but I still get the “content already matches” message.

I noticed that hwaes.lst has changed the clue of the target field in the AESA register ctype= to 0x01, etc. Despite this, I still encounter “content already matches” and when I try to read the value of the register at the specified location, it keeps giving me zeros.

I’ve commented the OPT = 0
What I’m missing ?