Simpleserial baudrate with different clock source

Hello, I am trying to run a couple of experiments on my CW-Lite which requires me to use a different clock source (e.g. swapping the X1 crystal). I am having issues understanding what part of the software I have to modify in order to make the serial communication work. Is there any documentation about this? At first glance it seems to me that the baudrate is hardcoded to be 38400 for Simpleserial v1 and 230400 for Simpleserial v2, is there a way to modify those value without messing the code up?

Thank you for your answer, I tried looking it up but I must have missed that post. Do you have specification on the crystal oscillator supported by the UFO board? I checked the SN74LVC1GX04DCKT (clock driver) datasheet and it supports a rather wide range of crystals, but the capacitors you selected for the circuit have different values from the application notes. In particular, I would like to use a 32KHz crystal to clock the board, any clue if that could work alright with your hardware?

I don’t have experience with that; our schematic says:

Oscillator should work with most 2 or 3-pin parallel resonance crystals where 18-24pF loading expected.