SimpleSerial for Arduino


We are trying to attack Arduino Uno (ATMEGA328P) by using ChipWhisperer-Lite. We have all the hardware connections figured out (Tx, Rx, Trigger, Arduino clock, power traces via CW501 probe), but are feeling a bit lost when it comes to SimpleSerial protocol. We have read this: On the SimpleSerial Protocol
but we don’t know how to adapt this code to Arduino IDE.
Could you please help us with this?

Thanks in advance!


I would recommend using either the simpleserial-base template from the ChipWhisperer repository or the simpleserial-c-template to wrap your code.

TLDR on the SimpleSerial protocol:
We define a list of commands with a char as key, each with its callback handler. Often we use ‘p’ for encryption, ‘k’ for setting a key, etc. Then from the python code, we call this command (for an example, check out the simpleserial-c-template repo).

You could check out chipwhisperer-nist-lwc for an example on how to set up these callback handlers.

If you have any specific questions, let me know!