Simulator build issue

I tried to build the AES simulator (at the ‘chipwhisperer/firmware/fpgas/aes/sim’ directory) and got the build error:

$ make
iverilog -ccmdfile \
-g2005-sv \
-Wportbind \
-Wselect-range \
-I../../../common/ \
-I../hdl/ \
-I. \
-P tb.pDUMP=0 \
-P tb.pSEED=1 \
-P tb.pTIMEOUT=50000 \

../../fpga-common/hdl/cdc_pulse.v: No such file or directory
Preprocessor failed with 1 errors.
make: *** [compile] Error 1

It looks like the file ‘fpga-common/hdl/cdc_pulse.v’ was never been a part of the ‘chipwhisperer’ repo.
I found this file only in the Husky project ‘chipwhisperer-husky-fpga/fpga/hdl/cdc_pulse.v’.

fpga-common is a git submodule, you need to go initialize it.

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