Software Feature Request and TODO list

Hi Colin,

First of all, thanks for your creation of ChipWhisperer toolbox at the first place. I get the feeling that you always have something in todo list in your mind, and you’re the main contributor to code base.

With the hopes to get ideas of up-coming features for CW from users’ perspective, and better participate to the development of CW from developers perspective. Can I suggest you to maintain a feature Request list and Todo list?

Below is my rough proposal:

  • For meaningful requests from various sources, adding to Request list.
  • For requests that popular, can be moved from Request list to Todo list.
  • For features have been implemented, move to Done list with software release version tagged.

For any feature requests, it’s better to have a separate discussion thread, discussing details on the request. is usually used to post bugs of released software. It can be recommended to move new feature requests (especially something not yet exists in CW) to this forum, it should be ok to either continue discussion of bug fixes in github issue page or move the discussion to the forum as bug-fix feature request.

For feature request moved to Todo list, it’s better something we expect to come in <6 months, it’s better to rank with some priority information, and ETA. For feature requests moved to Todo list, it usually means some developer(s) show the willingness to contribute.

For Request/Todo/Done list, it can be updated at github side, so all the people watching may get the notification of updates.

Anyway, I would think you or people from your team would still be the main contributors of CW code, which may be always the case for any open source projects.

What do you think?


For getting the updates do I need to register into github account? :confused:

For the latest updates you can subscribe to Newsletter.


Topics of newsletter typically include:

–> Major ChipWhisperer software features added in the latest release.
–> New tutorials & documentation added at
–> Release of new products, or updates to existing products.
–> Upcomming conferences & talks we’ll be participating in.

Thanks for the info.
I was asking Colin the way to organize the feature development for CW software, so ppl can better contribute as developer.