Some questions about custom target

My target device is 5v. CW Lite is 3.3v.

From what I’ve read, the ADC is AC based and it does not care if I connect it to +5v. Is this true?
How do I toggle a GPIO pin on the CW? I will use this to toggle a transistor that will power the chip.
Serial needs to be converted from 3.3 to 5v?

Yup, that’s correct.

You can find documentation for the IO module at:

Yup, that’s correct as well.


I read so many docs. Links, posts. My head is oozing puss of information… Tired of reading. hah

OK so, I figured most of this out.

Converted Serial to 5V… Using TIO3 to trigger a bit on the level shifter to turn the device on / off. It seems to work ok. It looks as though there is a Pwr pin of some sort I could use too… The documentation is there but the formatting is horrible. Needs more spacing and better headings, bolded, positions.

Not sure on the scope trigger.