Sti 7xxx UART Open

if anyone want to open Uart any Sti 7xxx Cpu . connect Jtag and make sure all Jtag pins are ok
for Jtag need a FTDI 4232H and get Jtag open after put a Uboot source code and compile U Boot for his Bord config if all ok then run U Boot on ur Bord after get Uart Open LOAD Sti stdkdma


:joy: and you didn’t think that some manufacturers(providers) disable access ejtag by secfuses ,passwd etc

if Jtag is disable then u keep try connect Jtag and do Glitch for get Jtag open

Try glicth on Cpu VCC

for more Help upload here ur Flash dump and box bord photo

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i have this for j-tag

this same for nbox NC+

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this my board picture and dump i can send you private chat

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Yes it is possible to change uboot etc but you need a socket for the cpu and room and create a converter for chipwhisperer since the glitch in sti is with positive voltage and the cw sends negative.

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