STM32 target not giving output on serial

i programed the STM32 target board as given in the tutorial, and used function to reset it.

function to reset
def reboot_flush(): = False
time.sleep(0.1) = “high_z”
#Flush garbage too
def reboot_flush(): = False
time.sleep(0.05) = “high_z”
#Flush garbage too

in the c file of /glitchsimple.c , the Hello will be print on serial, but i am not getting anything on serial.
I selected serial baud rate :- 38400
chipwhisperer giving me 2 ports in pc one is USB which is chipwisperer-lite another is USB to serial, i have selected usb to serial.


Do you know which STM32 target you’re using? It looks like that’s an STM32F303xD device, which is different from the F3 that we normally use, though it’s possible that it got changed due to parts shortages.

Also you can you show me the exact code that you’re running and what the output is? That reboot_flush block just defines that function, it doesn’t run it.


this is the my controller name,

It is One of Example, It Should print Hello when controller starts.

should i connect external USB to serial on STM controller or the Chip whisperer port are capable to show data? because i am not getting anything.
also i have checked baud rate by target.baud function and i got 38400

Oh ya i forgot to call the reboot_flush() now reboot is working.(i checked it by LED blink code)

Do you mean you’re getting stuff on serial now? You should be able to read stuff from the serial buffer by running


from i am getting this i want to read it on terminal software in normal text as shown in NewAE video(screen shot is below)


i am Using software Hterm as terminal software

Can you try running scope.get_serial_ports() and posting the result?

[{‘port’: ‘COM3’, ‘interface’: 1}]

Thanks for the report on this - it seems there’s a firmware bug related to a fix for a separate issue. If you send some data using HTerm, you should be able to receive things on that serial port. I’ve opened an issue on our Github: CDC mode requires TX before RX works · Issue #395 · newaetech/chipwhisperer · GitHub


Is there any way so i can solve it?

Sending data over the serial port should fix receiving


Thank you very Much :slight_smile:
i got the data on HTerm and on Arduino Serial Terminal Too…