Stop on success glitch?

How can I stop or pause the glitch explorer on first successful glitch? Currently the glitch explorer just log the success glitch, reset the target, and move on to next trigger offset. On successful glitch, the target open up a debug uart protocol so I want to stop and using serial console to talk to it.


the idea of the glitch explorer is to find decent settings for the glitching as to have a reproducible glitch (say 90% of the time or similar). If this is the case it is easy afterwards to glitch (onces or a few times by pressing the single run) and interact.

If this is not enough I think you might need to start coding (e.g. create a version of the serial target that itself checks
if the glitch was successful (not redirecting the output to $GLITCH$) and performing the task at hand

Look like I have to dig inside the code and customize it then.
Thanks ExMachina.

As a quick work around, I added a new stopOnFirst option in and default to false, then inside addResponse() if both newData has “success” and stopOnFirst are true then set self.parent().capturingProgessBar.aborted to true to abort.