Streaming mode not working

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the streaming mode on CW1200 to capture long traces. I set scope.adc.stream_mode = True, but when I try to get the trace I get the following error messages:

WARNING: Streaming: USB stream read timed out
WARNING: Unexpected sync byte in processData(): 0x0
WARNING: Stream mode: done, no samples resulted from processing
ERROR: Received fewer points than expected! 0 vs 10000

It used to work, until I updated to the latest ChipWhisperer version from the Git repo. Any hint about what could go wrong here ?

Thanks for your help !

We’re making some updates to support new hardware, so the develop branch has become less stable than it maybe used to be :grimacing:
We’ll get this fixed soon, but in the meantime your best option is to revert back.

Hi Jean-Pierre,
Thanks for your prompt answer. I confirm that reverting back to release 5.4 solved the issue.

This should be fixed with the newest cw1200 sam3u firmware (1.31).