Supported target devices for ChipWhisperer

I have ChipWhisperer CW1200, can someone kindly tell me which are other target boards (other than manufactured by NewAE) are supported by it? Kindly guide me regarding this

You can, in principle, use ChipWhisperer against “any” target; it is not limited to our own targets. However you’ll have to do all the ground work yourself: figuring out how to communicate with the target, how to obtain side-channel measurements from it, how to clock it, etc… This will be easier on some targets than others. It really depends on the target. For some targets, CW1200 may not be the right tool (e.g. targets that are clocked faster than the CW1200’s maximum sample rate). You can get a idea of what’s required by studying the schematics for our own target boards.

The idea behind our targets is that all that work is already done for you, and you can simply connect it to your ChipWhisperer capture device, run the examples, and learn from our Jupyter courses right away.

@jpthibault thanks for guidance, can you tell me if I connect FPGA (like Spartan 6 by Xilinx, not the target board mentioned in your website), would it be possible to break AES| or DES on that?

Also, I have another question that is: if encryption algorithm of target is not know, is there any way to break it with help of CHipWhisperer? Kindly guide me regarding this as well, I would be thankful to you. And sorry to ask too many questions as I need more information regarding this device

  1. As you point out we have a Spartan6 target board, and our repo includes a bitfile for an AES implementation on this target which can be broken. Whether or not some other AES or DES implementation on some other Spartan6 target board can be broken isn’t something I can answer with certainty; there are too many variables. You’ll have to try it yourself to find out.

  2. If the encryption algorithm is not known, you generally need to guess, try, (probably) fail, and repeat until you have some success.

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thanks a lot @jpthibault for detailed answer to my question