Target Board Firmware - SimpleSerial on untackled target boards

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry if you consider this post trivial, I’m a newbie in this field. I’m trying to attack a firmware AES implementation on PIC16F18XXX MCU.

I initialized the system with firmware that sets up:

  • UART module, both in Tx and Rx, for the target board to communicate with the capture board via SimpleSerial protocol;
  • GPIO pins, in order for me to set one of them to “high” right before performing an encryption of plaintext.

Now I should import simpleserial.h and simpleserial.c to my project and I suppose that I have to adapt them to my system (for instance, in simpleserial.h there is an “#include” of HAL libraries, which is for other target boards). Am I right?

Somewhere else I also saw that you start building firmware from simpleserial-base.c. Do you consider starting from such file easier? Or is it a viable option to start from initializing the system and then import simpleserial.c and simpleserial.h and adapt them?

Thank you

Yeah, this is probably your best bet. All you need to implement getch() and putch() and #define SS_VER, make sure the C file is being compiled/linked, and that the header file is being included.


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