Target only has 0.7 Voltage. What's wrong?

Hi all,
after a long peaceful time, I encounter a new issue that makes me very confused: My target board only got 0.7 voltage. It’s super weird! It should be 3.3, right? My model is CW308T-STM32F.

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 4.18.47 PM

The green circle is the ground I connect with my DMM and the two red points are where I measure the power from. Both show 0.7 voltage.

I check the voltage of the main board by metering voltage on DBUG UART interface of it. The voltage is 3.3V as expected. Is my target chip not working?

[UPDATE] After I try CW on my windows machine, the voltage is 3.3V. I guess my mac probably doesn’t provide enough power? No idea.