The Way to programming my own crypto algrithm with Chipwhisperer-lite level 1

My device is ChipWhisperer lite level1.
When I read the docs of Chipwhisperer docs and I found two parts about the programming of the target board.

The first one is ‘Serial Target Programming’. The only thing told to me is the way to use hex file. I dont know how to write a compatible hex file for my crypto algrithm which I want to attack. It confused me so much.After I learned the hex file, I found that it could be converted by cryptographic algorithms written in other programming languages, I just struggled to find the specifications for writing these cryptographic algorithms (such as the API format of the algorithm).

Another one is ’ Debugging with ChipWhisperer’. I don’t know if this part of the file meets my needs. It is mentioned that many pins on the board need to be connected, but I do not have a matching wire to connect.

I would appreciate it if I could be told how to properly program a cryptographic algorithm.


Hex files are simply a file format for programs that you can upload onto targets. For our more used targets (STM*, XMEGA, SAM4S, etc), we include programming methods in ChipWhisperer that you can use to program the target (cw.program_target(...)).

We don’t have a guide for writing firmware, but we have many firmware examples in the form of different projects. You can see these here:

Hardware specific files are found in the hal directory, while different crypto algorithms are found in the crypto directory. You don’t have to use our method of including crypto algorithms, you can just write them directly into the project. simpleserial-tea is an example of this.


Thanks Alex. I will contact you if I have any more questions after I have read simpleserial-tea carefully.