Trigger in CAN protocol

I was exploring on Chipwhisperer Triggering features. Interestingly I wanted to test on CAN Bus, like when there is rising edge or falling edge in CAN_H / CAN_L. So i connected a jumper to CAN_H and connected it to tio4 of cw_lite. But i didnt get the proper trigger, even when there is no CAN signals, the chipwhisperer was taking it as trigger and the capture was taking place.
I found that as the idle state of CAN is 2.5v that might be issue. For that i need to set high and low threshold or I should need to use some kind of converter to do this. I am stuck at this point, Can anyone help on this and is this possible with CW Lite, because in documentation I saw that trigger range can be set only in CW Husky?

CW I/O’s (whether Husky or Lite) are 3.3V; you can’t directly connect CANH or CANL to them.
You could use our CANoodler (not available at the moment).