Trying to glitch LPC1765

Hi everyone,

I am trying to glitch the LPC1765 so I made a custom PCB with only the CPU and 3 pin headers for the programming mode, UART and power. The CPU runs a simple loop that increases 2 counters and compares them (they are marked as volatile so optimization didn’t remove them, I checked in a disassembler). Once they differ it will enter an infinite loop and write “sucess” on the UART, that’s when I know the glitch worked.

Unfortunately I just can’t get a glitch done. Either I trigger BOD or nothing happens at all. So I assume either my glitches are too short or too long. As this CPU seems to have an internal voltage regulator that supplies 1.8V to the core I tried to lower VCC aswell to the lowest possible voltage at which the chip runs stable. That also didn’t help so I am not sure what else to try.

Anybody has any advice or maybe even any sucess with this or any other LPC176x target?