Trying to understand schematic diagram

Hi everyone, I am starting to work on ChipWhisperer-Lite board with ARM target (STM32F303RCT6) to develop detection mechanism for detecting power side channel attacks in real time by monitoring internal battery impedance. I am looking at schematic diagram (CW303 Arm Target - NewAE Hardware Product Documentation) and i am a bit confused how to understand the connections and R66 shunt resistor connection in the circuit? Is there any way that i can get an idea or explanation of the schematic of the board so i can setup my hardware accordingly

The shunt is just there to create a voltage drop on the low side of the shunt so that we can measure the current going into the target. There’s a bunch of filtering on the high side of the shunt to create a stable power supply, and all the capacitors are do no mount on the low side so as not to filter out the voltage we’re trying to measure.


thanks for sharing . Great