Tutorial B2 with ARM STM32F3 target just shows noise

Hi everybody,

I’m new to the ChipWhisperer and just began to work through the tutorials. I started the B2 tutorial with the XMEGA target and everything was working out just fine and I was able to see the differences of the two assembler instructions.
When I tried the same thing with the F3 target, my capture just shows noise. I read through the tutorial a couple times, just to make shure I didn’t miss anything.
My guess is that something is not working out while compiling or flashing. Neither the F0 nor the F3 is giving me an expected output in the terminal, when just using “putch” or “my_puts”.
Can anybody help me with that?


I managed to solve the issue!
In the beginning I wasn’t able to compile files for the STM32F3 and in some post in this forum someone mentioned to change the make.stm32f3 file and set the FPU settings from hard to soft. After this I was able to compile, but the hex files somehow seemed to be corrupted and I wasn’t able to get any output on the terminal and was only receiving noise when recording traces.
Obviously I wasn’t the only one having this issues when working with the STM32F3 target.

So here is the solution:
There are some issues regarding the GNU ARM Toolchain version 6 and Ubuntu. So in order to solve this problem you need to remove this toolchain and unfortunately also the avr-gcc. After this you can install the version 7 of the ARM Toolchain by following this installation instructions: https://launchpad.net/~team-gcc-arm-embedded/+archive/ubuntu/ppa
Don’t forget to restore the make.stm32f3 file to hard FPU otherwise it won’t work.
After this you will not be able to compile files for AVR targets anymore but the STM32Fx targets will work fine.