Type of supply on NAE-CW308T-STM32L5HWC

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on various Power Glitch attack on STM32 MCU families but to better compute some element on my development, I would like to understand something.

At first, I began my tests on a specific target prepared by NewAE Technology which is the following : NAE-CW308T-STM32L5HWC

I managed to attack some code with the power glitch tutorial provided. I would like to know a specific reference of the L5 SoC used to assemble this board : NAE-CW308T-STM32L5HWC

Because, there is various internal regulator used for the SoC supply voltage functioning : SMPS and/or LD0

In my case, I would like to know which one is implemented (/activated) inside the SoC of the board NAE-CW308T-STM32L5HWC.

Thanks to your return !


The LDO regulator is used on the STM32L5. I don’t believe we use the SMPS version of the chip. Also, there’s no external inductor on the board.