Unable to flash CWLITE XMEGA


I was trying to flash CWLITE Xmega today and I keep getting this error, any advice please?
OSError: Verify failed at 0x0002, f0 != e8

Is this a new error, or has it been happening for a while? Also, does it happen consistently, or only every once in a while?


it is a new error, and now it is happening consistently.


Can you try connecting the following pins when programming?

Also, do you know roughly how many times you’ve programmed the Xmega?


I am using the standalone board not this one. Many many times ex 100, I am always flashing it after changes I do to my code to capture power difference.

In that case, can you try shorting SH+ and SH- near the SMA connector on the CW308? We’ve found that, in some rare cases, there may be too large of a voltage drop across the shunt during programming.

Also, did this start occurring after a software update? We have been making some changes to some of the USB transfer code, so it’s possible that that’s affecting things.

That should be fine. The flash will start degrading after some number of erase/program cycles, but that should be in the 10’s of thousands.


Shorting the SH+ and SH- solved this flashing error. Thank you Alex