Unable to get ChipSHOUTER programmable trigger to use repeat parameter


I have been using the ChipSHOUTER programmable pulse generator to generate two 100 ns pulses @ 150 V that are 1 us apart. However, when I update the repeat parameter from ‘1’ to ‘2’, I expected to see this pulse pattern repeat after the current deadtime of 1 ms. However, from looking at the voltage monitor output on the O’scope I’m only observing this pulse pattern being generated once.

I have used the “g w”, “g v”, “g pat” and “g p” commands to verify that the pattern waveform, output voltage, pattern enable and pulse parameters are correct. Are there any other ChipSHOUTER and/or O’scope settings I can check to verify that this programmable pulse should be repeating?

Any feedback would be appreciated. I look forward to your response.

  • Brad