Unable to save settings?

I’m on commit d36edda4cad211c76e5c95006c845ae0c87f0026 Jul 11 00:44:25

After setting up lab b1 and saving, when restarting chipwhisper-cap and attempting to load the file doesn’t appear to setup anything. Scope Module and Target Module for example are still set as “none”.

PS. if there is a better place to submit bugs let me know. peace

Hello cyphunk,

The Save/Load options in the File Menu only saves the project information that is used for both capture and analyzer tools (the traces info, basically).
The Save Settings option in the Project menu will dump all the current settings information into a file inside the project directory so that it can be recovered latter using the load button in the tabs (general, scope, target,…). The reason behind this procedure is that the user may want to load/save multiple profiles in the same project. In this case, you just need to create multiple .cwset files.

Try it and come back latter to give us your feedback.

SWE at NewAE