Updates to ChipWhisperer VM

Xello NewAE Peoples,

Is it okay to Update the Debian/CW VM and install some new programs or will the Internets break it and hurt its feelings?

Prime example, gcc-arm-none-eabi is no longer maintained/updated in APT and the Debian/CW VM has version 5.4.1 (20160919). But the updated can be downloaded from the ARM website. With the 9.3.1(20200408) version.

Was say you?

Thank you, Peoples

I don’t there would be any issues with installing new programs or updating anything, but we haven’t experimented too extensively with that. Worst case, you can just redownload the virtual machine, or if you’ve got data on the VM you want preserved, just make a backup of the VM image.


Thankses, Alex.

Just for making sure, this is the location for the latest VM: https://github.com/newaetech/chipwhisperer/releases/download/5.2.1/ChipWhisperer.Jupyter.7z

Is correct?

Yup, that’s correct.