Using ChipWhisperer-Lite Two Part Version

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I recently got a chipwhisperer-lite two part version and went through some of the tutorials on the XMEGA board that came with it. For my project, I am planning to implement an AES engine on an FPGA device and do CPA on it. I understand there is a custom Artix board but it is a bit expensive for me and I am planning to use Arty Evaluation Board from Xilinx which has Artix-7 XC7A35T (as does CW305 Artix FPGA Target Board) and was wondering if anyone worked with their own boards or have any suggestions on how to get started on this.


You may take a look of CW305 wiki page ( to figure out what CW-Lite is used for, and what supporting components are on CW305 that missing from your board and how to deal with that.

It is mentioned in the wiki that extra oscilloscope or sample card is used for collecting power measures from CW305, so you can follow the same approach that power capturing has nothing to do with CW-Lite.

It is mentioned in the wiki that a USB interface and customized firmware (should be on Atmel MCU) for configuring FPGA on CW305. Your board should of its own way for configuring the FPGA, so you don’t have rely on CW software that target configuration has nothing to do with CW-Lite.

The only thing left is sending command and data to your target to do operation (AES) per request, which can be sent from CW software via CW-Lite to your target device. You will need to physically connect your target device with 20-pin connector (CW target header). You can further check what of the 20-pins are mandatory in order to receive command and data from CW to your device, and what pins in your target device used for connection, and what additions are needed in your target FPGA…

Hope above helps you to get started.