Using CW-Capture Tool

I have chipwhisperer Level 2 kit and I am new in chipwhisperer.

I have plan to learning side channel analysis, but I am not able to run Capturing traces and analysis from the ChipWhisperer(CW-Capture Tool)
My board is CW 308 and target is Xmega.

I think in the new version I should run via Jupyter, but I couldn’t find example for it Since I have plan too see signal in the oscilloscope also, I need run CW-Capture Tool.

Could you please kindly tell me how can I run this tools.

Thank all of you.


You can find installation instructions at ChipWhisperer — ChipWhisperer 5.7.0 documentation, which includes instructions for getting and running our Jupyter Notebooks.

The CW-Capture tool is no longer supported. The last release that supports it is 4.0.1, but our ability to offer support is limited.