Using external clock on my oscilloscope

hello there. Since the CWPRO can sample synchronously, I asked myself if my external scope can do the same. I have an option in my scope to chose “external clock” and set some values there, although which value should I set? Should it be the same value as the crystal from J3, which is around 7.5MHz? Or should I somehow get the clock signal into my external scope to define the clock cycling as a trigger?

You’ll have to look at your oscilloscope’s documentation for these answers.

when the clock of the device is 7.5MHz, is it enough to set my scope to external clock and set the value 7.5MHz to sample synchronously? Or do I have to set the sampling rate to 7.5MS/s? Since from what I have seen, the CW is doing that this way, but I wonder if there is some other PIN that also has to indicate when the clock starts so my scope remains in sync