Using Only ChipWhispererAnalyzer

I have a trace file(binary file), plain text, cipher text.
And I want to know the algorithm and round key.
I tried to use CWA to find out them.
I made npy files from trace, plain text, cipher text files.
But I don’t know the next step.


Your best bet is to make a script that puts all the necessary data into a ChipWhisperer project. On v5, something like this should do:

import chipwhisperer as cw
project = cw.project("my_attack")
for i in range(num_traces):
    project.traces.append(cw.Trace(trace, plain_text, cipher_text, key))

import chipwhisperer.analyzer as cwa
# use analyzer...


Thank you for your nice advice.
Importing my traces was successful. But there are another problems. I tried an attack, but CWA shows me MemoryError. I think the reason is my trace file is too big(it is 2.9GB). What can I do now?09


Unfortunately, Analyzer isn’t well suited to working with very large sets of traces (in terms of both speed and memory). Your best bet might be to use something like Lascar.