VCC glitching STM32 board

Hi is there any issues with VCC glitching after breaking CW1173 board to 2 parts and soldering SMC/IDC connectors etc ?

I have no issue with clock glitching but VCC seems to not work on ARM STM32 board. I write script to go over all params and didn’t find success glitch for glitch-simple.c using glitch1() function.

Tried lower/high glitch, different repeats higher/lower, and also modify via script width/offset/ext_offset/ and no success after 5000 tries or so. I see glitches inserted in power trace, so this should not be issue with initial setup.


Hi. I’m just wondering if you have managed to get the VCC glitch to work on the CW1173 before breaking it into 2 parts.



I’ve found the following settings to work well with the following setup:

  • STM32F3 target on CW308 board
  • 15cm SMA Cable
  • Offset around -20, width around 20
  • ext_offset = 2186 (lots others should work as well, this is just the one I’ve been using)
  • glitch_lp = True

I’d recommend starting with glitch_infinite() to minimize the need to change ext_offset (with glitch1(), there’s only a few instructions that will provide success when glitched, but with glitch_infinite(), there’s lots). Keep repeat on 1 (anything higher will usually cause the target to crash). In addition, make sure you try each glitch location multiple times, since your best settings may only produce glitches ~30% of the time.