VCC glitching using CW1173 and CW308

I’m trying to inject VCC glitches using CW1173 and CW308. I’m using a STM32F3 UFO victim.

I just completed the A2 clock glitching tutorial and am working now on VCC glitching. I get to the part where I hit capture and see the waveform, but I see no visible glitch. I tried editing the glitch settings and looking for changes but I don’t see anything. I’m thinking my hardware isn’t set up correctly. I can’t find any documentation on how to configure the CW308 for VCC glitching.

I checked the CW1173 schematic and see that the VCC glitch just goes to the SMA connector JP11. I don’t see anywhere to connect it on the CW308 board.

How am I supposed to VCC glitch on the CW308 board? Do I connect it to the shunt measurement SMA? Does that mean I can’t measure power and inject VCC glitches at the same time?


You need to connect the glitch SMA connector (JP11) on the CWLite to the VOUT SMA connector on the CW308. To make power measurements and inject glitches at the same time, you need an SMA tee connector.

Hope that helps,


Ah that makes sense. Thanks!