Voltage drop across the LC filter (CW308)

Should I expect voltage drop across the LC filter on the mainboard (CW308)?
I pass 0.9V to the FILTIN from the target board. The voltage drops to 0.73V at the FILTHP point (after passing the LC filter).
It is definitely dropped by the LC filter of the mainboard.
What are the possible options to fix it (except replacing the voltage regulator at the target board to increase the output voltage on 0.2V)?
What physical processes drop the voltage and how to calculate the voltage drop value?

The inductor used there has a relatively high resistance (~5 ohms). I’d recommend just bypassing the LC filter.

I will try to use the VADJ source. Thanks!

You could use the VADJ pin, though that leads to an on-board adjustable regulator, which it doesn’t sound like you want. I’d recommend removing the jumper from J14 and connecting FILTIN directly to FILTHP or FILTLP.

I will try this option too and compare the power traces in terms of the noise. Thanks again.
The main option I want to check is to change the resistors on the adjustable voltage regulator (on the custom target board to increase the output voltage).