Voltage Glitch Not working

i followed your tutorial Fault 101 , LAB 2_1
For STM32F3
but there is no success result in glitch.

It looks like you’re only getting resets. Have you tried reducing the width of the glitch?

The Range of Width is this in tutorial.
gc.set_range(“width”, 47.6, 49.6)

i will try it on
gc.set_range(“width”, 40, 45)
gc.set_range(“width”, 35, 40)
gc.set_range(“width”, 30 35) … So on

Am i Doing Right? because it is time taken process

Yeah, that looks fine. You may also want to play around with reducing scope.glitch.repeat as well. To speed things up, I’d recommend looking for a width around where the device crashes sometimes.

After trying to change offset, width and repeat, I got points where normal count is increasing.
Am i near to the Glitch point, is the Glitch point is in between Normal and Reset points?

Also can i know which pin IN STM32F3 is Trigger pin so i can verify it on oscilloscope.

my target board is STM32F3
i was selecting “CW308_STM32F3”
But after this i selected “CWLITEARM”
i found some glitch point on this range,

But this is difficult to find Glitch Points,
if run test for all -49 to 49 value for width, offset and ext_offset then it takes 10 to 15 days,
is there any short method or Tips to find Glitch point in less time for any controller ?